Qualification: Providing professional services to foreign airlines

In accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the safety management of foreign air carriers, our company provides business consultation and technical services for foreign airlines flying into China by airlines of Southeast Asia and surrounding countries, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region of China.
We will explain CAAC’s guidance materials in detail according to the needs of the applicant. We will discuss with the applicant the conditions of the application preliminarily at the request of the applicant to determine whether the applicant is qualified to apply for qualification examination and approval. Inform them of the documents they need to provide when applying, and ultimately achieve the purpose of the applicant’s voyage.

Personnel Outsourcing: Let Foreign-funded Enterprises Stay in Guangdong

Understand the employment needs of foreign airlines and recommend local candidates who meet the job requirements to work in foreign airlines.
In accordance with relevant regulations, all kinds of social insurance should be handled for Chinese employees, and the entry/exit procedures for Chinese employees’files and various social insurance should be handled. We pay close attention to the trend of labor economy, provide information support for the company’s human resources scientific decision-making, participate in the formulation of salary and welfare system suitable for the company’s development strategy, and improve the company’s human resources management system.

Business Service: Save More Resources for Customers

Our business projects include: the registration of foreign-funded enterprises in Guangdong and China, the application and change of business license, the opening of bank accounts, tax registration, etc., the processing of Chinese employee visas, Hong Kong and Macao passes, the application of representative certificates, employment permits, residence permits, work visas for foreign staff, etc. To go through the formalities for the approval of foreign staff; to go through the list of Chinese crew members; to apply for airport passes for Chinese employees working at airports and foreign permanent staff in Guangzhou; to provide a complete set of public relations services for the first flight ceremony for new airlines; to provide information consultation for immigrants and overseas students to assist in handling various situations. Procedures and certificates for going abroad.
Detailed application plans can be formulated according to customer requirements.

Extended Services: Because we have a long-term foothold

We are committed to providing business travel solutions for non-corporate customers, such as arranging international business activities and local reception for vehicle rental business for Foreign Airlines Offices. To order airline tickets, purchase insurance, and assist in handling overseas approval and other formalities and certificates. In cooperation with international exhibition companies, the company regularly publishes International Exhibition information, and can organize and arrange domestic manufacturers to go abroad for exhibitions and exhibitions.